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Elevate your storage and style with Galanta Interiors' selection of floating shelves in Ireland. Our collection’s innovative designs and fine craftsmanship are all set to enhance your space while providing practical storage solutions.

Benefits of buying SHELVES from galanta interiors

1. Expand Storage with Style

Our collection of storage shelves provides not just practicality but also a design touch. Add depth and character to your walls with our floating wood shelves, perfect for showcasing decor or storing books, frames, and other small items.

2. Match Your Aesthetic

At Galanta Interiors, you're spoilt for choice. Whether you're looking for black floating shelves for a modern minimalist vibe or deep floating shelves for more substantial storage, we have a myriad of options to match your style and fulfil your needs.

3. Convenience and Quality

Shopping for shelves online in Ireland has never been more straightforward. Experience the convenience of selecting from a diverse range at the click of a button, with the peace of mind that comes from purchasing from a trusted source.

Key Features

1. Diverse Selection of Floating Shelves

We offer a wide range of floating shelves in Ireland, offering you plenty of choices in terms of style, size, and colour.

2. Versatile Storage Shelves

Whether for the living room, bedroom, or office, our storage shelves are versatile, offering practical solutions while enhancing the aesthetics of your space.

3. Unique Woodies Shelves

If you're after a more natural aesthetic, our Woodies shelves, made from quality, sustainable wood, bring warmth and authenticity to any room.

4. Stylish Black Floating Shelves

For a sleek, modern touch, our black floating shelves offer the perfect solution. Ideal for contemporary spaces, they provide a striking contrast to light walls and a perfect complement to darker colour schemes.

5. Practical Deep Floating Shelves

When more storage space is needed, our deep floating shelves are ideal. They can hold more substantial items, making them a great choice for kitchens, laundries, or office spaces.

Transform your walls into functional artworks with Galanta Interiors' floating shelves. Shop our collection today and let your interiors speak volumes about your style!


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Oak rustic floating shelf 40 cm

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