Galanta Interiors offers a diverse collection of furniture accessories, each chosen to add personality and character to your space. With our range, you can create a look that's distinctly you. 

From striking accents to subtle complements, our accessories can transform your room into a personal sanctuary where style meets comfort.

Adding Personal Touch: Our accessories allow you to infuse your unique style into your space. Every item is a conversation starter, telling a story about who you are.

Versatility: Our accessory collection has something for everyone, from traditional to modern styles. They are designed to complement a variety of interiors.

Easy Updates: Refresh the look of your room in an instant with our accessories. They're perfect for quick style updates without a complete room makeover.

Quality Materials: Our accessories are crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring they stand the test of time while adding elegance to your room.

Efficient Space Use: Our accessories aren't just pretty but also practical. They help you utilise your space efficiently while keeping it stylish.

Key Features:

Style Variety: Our accessories come in various designs, catering to different tastes. Whether you're into classic or contemporary styles, we have something for you.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Each accessory is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring it looks great and lasts long too.

Functional Design: From vases holding flowers to trays that organise your essentials, our accessories marry form with function.

Affordable Elegance: Style shouldn't break the bank. Our accessories are competitively priced so that you can create the space of your dreams within your budget.

Easy to Maintain: Our accessories are designed with easy upkeep in mind. This means they'll continue to add style to your room with minimal maintenance.




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Wooden Hall Table , Oak Wood

285 €

In stock

Beech wood table

350 €

In stock

Country style hanging multi light

470 €

In stock

wooden shoe bench with storage

445 €

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